About us

AI Commons is a nonprofit initiative in partnership with the ecosystem of AI practitioners, entrepreneurs, academia, NGOs, AI industry players and organizations/individuals focused on AI as a common good.

AI Commons was born in 2016 from the collective discussion and efforts of a group of individuals and organizations working towards promoting AI for Good and bringing the benefits of AI to everyone and using the technology towards social and economic improvement. The reflections, dialogs, and gatherings resulted in the identification and formulation of an open and collaborative efforts to accompany our common journey in the advancement of AI and how it can benefit everyone.

AI Commons Efforts
Jose Ignicio Diaz
Senior AI Instructor
Maria Axente
Outreach and Partnership
Gilles Fayad
Director of Development
Mathilde Forslund
Uyi Stewart
Tara Chklovski
Education and Training
Max Cappellari
Technology Lead
Trent McConaghy
Technology and project lead
Nishan Chelvachandran
AI Security